Coffee. Freshly Roasted. Delivered to You.

We’re a family run business and experienced cafe owners. We’ve built a community of people that come from near and far to Bear & Cub cafe for our quality coffee and freshly roasted beans. Now it’s time for you to get that goodness at your home, workplace, gym, your other favourite cafes around Australia or anywhere else you think someone might be in need of quality coffee! Roasting coffee all comes down to enhancing the characteristics of the bean. Every coffee is unique, we aren’t here to change its personality but highlight its strengths. If you value freshly roasted coffee, delivered to you with no fuss; come join our family, we’re here for you.

Bear & Cub

Cafe, Seaford

If you want to try our beans head to our established cafe, Bear & Cub in Seaford. You can choose to pick up any beans you order online from here too.

37 Armstrongs Rd. Seaford, VIC 

Mon - Fri:   6am to 2pm

Sat:   7:30am to 1:30pm

Sun:   8:00am to 12:30pm



Seaford, Victoria


If you live within 10km of Seaford VIC enter the promo code "LOCALDELIVERY" in the payment sceen and we'll deliver free for you!



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