Our Attitude.

 As experienced cafe owners we understand your business, and this means we are more than just your standard coffee roaster. We listen to you and the needs of your individual outfit and use our skills and knowledge to make sure that you are successful. Every business is different, and our goal is to ensure you get the results you’ve been working towards. 

Service & Support.

We take great satisfaction from our personalised service where the owners and roaster speak directly to you and deliver your coffee.

We can respond to your needs quickly - like when you get smashed on the weekend and you’re down to your last bag of

beans. We're here to rescue you with a with a quick drop off. We want to see firsthand how our coffee is being used and more importantly enjoyed by customers.

Being on-site regularly means that we get to know your business, your staff and your customers. We’re in this together.


We offer training that is available to all our wholesale partners and their staff. Our training involves experienced baristas working with you behind the coffee machine, that way we understand any issues in the processes and can help by applying practical tools and methods. We are on the frontline with you.


Whether you’re opening a new shop or wanting to improve your current coffee service, give us a call 0417412733 or email us hello@coffeeforthepeopleroastingco.com.au . We can shout you lunch, provide bean samples, spend time listening to you and share our philosophy too.



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